Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Firefox not loading pages

DavyB from the UK asks:

"If I enter an address [www.ebay.co.uk for example] in the address box and click it does not work.  What should I do to fix it.   Is it a glitch that has arisen in Firefox?  It does work in Internet Explorer!"

This is a question I get frequently, both with Firefox and Internet Explorer.  Fortunately, it has a very simple solution.

A browser-specific problem like this is almost always related to an installed plugin that is interfering with the browser (in this case, Firefox).  Disabling all add-ons temporarily is a good start.  In Firefox, selecting Help > Restart with add-ons disabled will being with a clean slate.

This doesn't really fix the problem, though.  The next step would be to systematically restore each add-on individually until the problem reoccurs which will isolate the plugin that's causing the issue.  Once it's isolated, other action can be taken, such as using a developer-suggested workaround or even replacing the plugin with an working alternative.

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